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How it all began...

"She could really use your help!" my husband said after visiting with one of the retired grandmas from our new church.  She had been a seamstress for many years, sewing Dutch costumes for the famous Tulip Time festival in Holland, Michigan, but her little sewing venture had grown into more than she could handle.

"She would like you to sew the boys' costumes for her," my husband reported to me.  Not sure what this meant, I went over to meet her.  I left her home with a stack of fabric, several patterns, a head spinning, and a voice saying "what have you just begun?"  But my new friend was excited to have someone come on board and share in the sewing.

That was 2005.

She has now retired.  I have picked up not only the boys' costumes, but also the girls, and now the dolls' costumes as well.  The patterns have been adjusted, redrawn, simplified, and some of the pieces combined to make the costumes easier for the children to wear.

The costumes are comfortable.  The boys' pants have elastic waists. For the girls, what used to be a 2 piece blouse and skirt, has now been combined into a one piece dress to keep the costume pieces from separating on active, fun loving little ones. The girls' aprons are a separate piece which tie in the back. 

The costumes are constructed from thoughtfully selected fabrics that are washable, wearable, and comfortable.  They fit a variety of sizes and body types.  They've all been tested and worn by my own children, my nieces and nephews, and now my sweet grandchildren. 

Each costume arrives fully assembled and with "how to wear" instructions. Each costume also comes with its own short bit of history about the region in the Netherlands which it represents.

Picking up the baton from my grandma friend, I am sewing Dutch costumes for the next generation of precious children who dress up for festivals, parades, musicals, plays, school projects, and International programs.  When you see them in their own Dutch costume, you won't be able to stop snapping their picture.  They are adorable!

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